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Sep '09

Teen Pees Her Pink Pants

Wet In Public

Check out these video clips of this amateur that peed her pants in public. She just couldn’t find a bathroom anywhere and couldn’t hold it any longer. As she was racing around looking for even a bush to hide behind, the pee started to flow out, leaving a very visible stain on her pink pants, that just couldn’t be missed. By the time she found a hiding spot in a parking lot, it was already too late. The pee had spread from between her legs to all down her pants. It couldn’t get any more embarrassing.

Want to see more? Download the full length video at Wet In Public. I’ve been to other pee fetish sites before, but none can even compare to Wet In Public. This one features real women that accidentally pee their pants in public. Their bladders are full and they just can’t control it any longer. It makes for some incredibly kinky, maybe even taboo videos.

Click here to visit Wet In Public.

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