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Nov '10

Hairy Babe Pissing In A Bowl!

Carla had been going through something of a dry spell lately, she hadn’t been on a date in so long that she ached to feel dick inside of her so she decided to join up to one of those online dating sites. Carla was pretty nervous about putting herself out there but things were getting to the point that all she wanted was to fuck so she knew that this was a sure fire way to meet someone else who wanted to fuck too. She was right, within an hour she had four requests to meet up and one of those requests made her pussy so wet she could barely stand it!

Carla arranged to meet up with him at his place and when she got there she knew that he was going to be a wild one. Carla was right again because just about an hour in to things as she stood there completely naked he asked her to piss in a bowl for him. Carla had never pissed for anyone before and she wasn’t sure that she wanted to but when she thought about missing out on cock she decided that she’d give it a shot. As that golden piss flowed from her slit she saw his dick getting rock hard!

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Nov '10

Nadya and Gia Pissing In The Park

Nadya and Gia had been walking around town for the majority of the day and they were supposed to meet up with another one of their girlfriends down at the park so that they could all go to dinner together. When they got to the park though, both of them were absolutely exhausted and as they sat on the edge of one of the sand areas they started to chat as they waited for their girlfriend. The longer they talked the more Nadya had to piss though and soon she told Gia that there was no way she’d make it to the restaurant but as she got up to go to find a bathroom she realized it was too late.

As Nadya stood up the piss began to trickle down her leg and she quickly sat back down again as it kept on coming. Soon her shorts and panties were all soaked and Nadya leaned over to tell Gia that she was going to need her help. The two of them sat there for a second trying to figure out what to do and then Gia did something pretty crazy, she started to piss her pants as well! Soon the two of them were sitting there in pee soaked panties!

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Nov '10

Lynn Pisses On The Bleachers!

Lynn had just had the biggest argument she had ever had with her roommate after she walked in on her having sex with two guys on their kitchen table. It wasn’t that she cared that she was fucking two guys but it was that they were going at it on the kitchen table! Lynn started yelling but when they all just stood there completely naked she didn’t know what else to do but walk out of the apartment. Lynn soon found herself standing in a park down the road from her house and there was no one else around so she took the chance to sit down and try to relax so that she could let go of being so upset.

Lynn had stormed out of there so quickly that she hadn’t even taken a minute to take a piss and by the time she got to the park she was bursting for a piss. When she knew that no one else was coming to the park she decided to do something naughty and take a piss right there on the bleachers. As she pulled down her panties and felt the cool breeze on her pussy she couldn’t believe how wet it made her just to think about taking a piss outdoors!

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Nov '10

Janet Pisses Outside!

Janet was waiting for the bus to pick her up to take her in for her shift at the diner but the longer she waited for it the more she had to pee. As she stood there hopping from foot to foot she knew that it was too late to go in search of a bathroom because her bus would be there any minute and she couldn’t afford to be late for work again for the third time in the week. She thought about just ducking in to the bushes but then she thought that if the bus didn’t see anyone waiting at the stop then it would just drive right by so instead she decided she was going to have to just start pissing right there.

Janet slipped out of her panties and squatted down in the gutter hoping that the bus wouldn’t pull up right as she was kneeling there taking a piss. As she started pissing she was hesitant at first but then it felt so good that she just let it all go. She saw her piss trickling down the road and she felt kinky as she watched that golden juice flow from her hole.

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Nov '10

Leslie Pisses Her Grey Pants

Leslie has always loved piss, ever since she accidentally peed on herself when her boyfriend made her laugh too hard. Now she just can’t get off without letting a little piss go and as soon as she does she has a hard time stopping just because it feels so good to let it all go! As that golden piss trickles down her legs she feels her pussy getting wetter and wetter and then she can’t help but start to tease her slit. It wasn’t too long ago when Leslie stumbled across a website of girls just like her but these girls went out in to public to piss all over themselves and Leslie knew that she wanted to try it.

Leslie knew that she had to try pissing on herself in public but she was worried that once she started that she wouldn’t be able to stop. As it turned out Leslie should have been worried because as she stood outside in her light grey pants and she tried to let just a little bit of piss go she lost total control and completely emptied her bladder all over her pants!

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Nov '10

Patsy Takes A Piss!

Patsy was working on a final project for her agriculture class and she really didn’t have the motivation to get it done but she only had two days left to get it finished up so she dragged herself out of bed on that Saturday morning and she headed out to the farm to get the soil samples that she needed. Patsy had been in such a rush to get out and get it done so that she could return back home that she completely forgot to even take a piss before she left and by the time she got to the farm she was desperate for a piss!

At first Patsy tried to ignore that she was desperate for a piss but soon she couldn’t think of anything else and she ducked behind one of the warehouses where she was supposed to be working and looking around to make sure that no one was looking she slipped down her panties and took a piss. As she crouched there she felt the pee slowly start to trickle out of her slit and soon she was pissing harder than ever!

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Nov '10

Ellie Pisses In A Field

Ellie had signed up at the local college to help one of the film classes with their projects. She had heard that it was a great way to make a few extra bucks and she could certainly always use a few extra dollars! When one of the students called her and asked her to meet him out in a field behind the college to help with one of his movie scenes Ellie was pretty excited. She loved the idea of being famous and she couldn’t wait to get started on her film career.

When Ellie showed up in her sexy dress she knew that something a little strange was going on when she and the student were the only ones there but when he told her that he would pay her $200 for the scene she couldn’t resist. As he started to direct her in what she would have to do Ellie realized that this was more of a recreational project, this kinky nineteen year old loved to see girls pissing their pants and he wanted to film her squatting in a field with piss dripping from her tight wet hole!

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Nov '10

India Wets Her Pants In Public

India has always fantasized about pissing her pants in public. For as long as she could remember she’s been turned on by just about anything that is considered taboo and pissing her jeans has to be her ultimate fantasy. There is just something about the idea of pissing in her jeans and feeling that material sticking to her skin. India had never dared to do it so far but last week when she was out by the river in her tight blue jeans she decided that she was going to make that fantasy come true whether someone was watching or not!

India started off just walking by the river but eventually she really was desperate for a piss and she crouched down with a smile and spread her legs just a little. At first she couldn’t piss, it was as though her body had been conditioned not to do it but eventually she relaxed enough and that pee started to trickle out of her slit. As she felt that wet patch growing on her jeans she realized how soaking wet her pussy was getting and she wanted nothing more than to tease her slit!

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Nov '10

Melanie Takes A Piss In The Park

Melanie was supposed to be meeting up with some of her friends at the park, they had all agreed to skip class and meet up for a day at the park instead. As Melanie got there, however, she was afraid that no one else would show up because she was the only one there with the exception of a few strangers. As Melanie sat on a swing she waited for her friends to show up but when they didn’t show up after thirty minutes she started to get pretty desperate to take a piss.

The longer she waited the more desperate she became and finally she decided that she was just going to have to piss regardless. As she sat on the very edge of the swing she looked around to make sure that she wouldn’t get caught and then she started to pee. As she pissed that golden arch hit the sand with a splash and soon Melanie was sitting over a puddle of piss!

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Nov '10

Sarah Soaks Through Her Denim Jeans

Sarah had been waiting for over an hour for her bus to arrive and in that time everyone else that had been waiting at the bus stop had already caught their bus and she was the only one left standing there. The longer she stood there the more desperate she got to take a piss but she had been waiting so long that she was sure that as soon as she stepped away to go take a piss, the bus would show up. Soon Sarah realized that she had no other choice because she had waited just too long and now she couldn’t even walk to find a bathroom because she was so desperate!

As she stood there she looked around to make sure that no one was watching her and then with what started as one little trickle she started to pee her pants. At first she just let a little piss go but then she couldn’t stop it and soon she was soaked in piss. It dribbled down her thighs and soaked her jeans and soon it was streaming on to the floor as Sarah stood there embarrassed!

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