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Aug '10

Polly Pissing Her Pants In Public

Polly has always had a pissing fetish. For about as long as she has loved dick she has loved the feeling of a pair of panties soaked in her piss sticking to her wet slit. She had always gone after guys who loved pissing too and together they would get each other so horny that they just couldn’t stand it anymore and always ended up having the hottest sex ever! Well Polly’s latest boyfriend loved pee so much that he’d always push the limits and one day when they were out walking around town he dared Polly to piss her pants right there.

Polly knew that she shouldn’t, she couldn’t or else she’d get caught and it’d be embarrassing and uncomfortable. But the more her boyfriend talked about how hot it would be to see her soaked in piss walking down the street, well the less she could resist! Finally Polly let go just a drop at a time. At first she couldn’t see anything but soon enough she had a huge wet spot on her jeans that everyone was bound to notice, but her boyfriend was right, it did feel so good on her slit!

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Aug '10

Jennifer Pisses On The Sidewalk

Jennifer is a cute blonde hottie who always takes pride in her appearance. She just loves the way that she feels when guys look at her and watch her walking with her perky titties bouncing up and down. Every day as she walks home from school she passes by the big lake and walks around the parking lot of a big industrial building before finally making it back to her apartment where usually she runs inside to take a piss as soon as she gets home. It’s a fairly long way from school back to the house and generally by the time she gets home she is desperate to piss!

As Jennifer rounded the parking lot of the industrial building just the other day she realized that she wasn’t going to make it home. She was so desperate to take a piss that she couldn’t even start to take another step. Finally when she realized that there wasn’t any other choice she pulled down her pants and her panties and standing right there against the wall she started to take a pee. She couldn’t believe how good it felt to finally let it all go in a shining wet puddle!

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Aug '10

Mandy Caught Pissing

Mandy was headed home from her best friends house, her best friends dad had come home early and that was a sign that Mandy should head back to her place. It wasn’t that she hated her best friends dad but she knew that when he came home early it generally meant that something was going on. As it turned out there was nothing going on other than him wanting to get home and check out a secret can he’d hidden up in a tree by their land. Last week when Mandy had been heading home from her best friends house she’d been caught short and ended up taking a piss in the woods by their house. Well she had no idea that her best friends dad had set up a camera right there!

Mandy did the very same thing today, there was something about the feeling of pissing out in the open that she couldn’t get enough of. She still had no idea that her best friends dad was catching it all on camera though! Every single drop of pee that came out of her tight slit was caught on that camera and she had absolutely no idea!

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Aug '10

Mya Pisses Her Gray Pants Through

Mya had spent all afternoon in town picking out a new outfit for her best friends upcoming party over the weekend. She had spent so long just to make sure that every single aspect of her outfit was taken care of from her high heels to her cute dress and a new necklace. The thing was that Mya had spent so long getting everything she needed that she’d been out all afternoon. When Mya realized that she was about to miss her bus home she had to run to try to make sure she didn’t miss her bus.

Mya had only got half way to the bus stop when the sudden urge to piss took over her. She knew that she wouldn’t be able to hold it and she started to panic and then just as she stood between two cars she felt the first drop of piss escape from her slit. She felt it trickle from her slit and stain her panties in a warm wet drop. Soon she couldn’t stop herself and the piss soaked all the way through her tight gray pants. Her pants clung to her ass and her thighs as the piss soaked through!

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Aug '10

Katie Takes A Piss Under The Bridge

Katie has been a nude art model ever since she turned nineteen and she had to admit that she really got off on the job. Knowing that complete strangers were looking her up and down, taking in every inch of her delicious tight teen body always got her wet. Usually Katie sits for art classes but once in a while she takes a private project and heads out to pose on location for photographers and artists. A few weeks ago Katie got asked to pose by a guy she’d known for a while through an art class she posed for. She knew the guy pretty well so she decided to do it.

When they met out under an old abandoned bridge Katie was already horny as she stripped out of her robe and felt a breeze brush against her soft skin. Then as he started to shoot pictures of her he asked her to squat down and start pissing. Katie couldn’t believe it at first but when he told her he’d pay her double if she’d start pissing for him she couldn’t resist! As that golden piss started to flow she watched his cock start to get rock solid and then he pulled it out and started jerking off to her pissing!

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Aug '10

Francine Pisses In The Tub

Francine has always been the sort of girl who is up for anything and when she met her current boyfriend she knew that she had met her match. The two of them together were absolutely unstoppable and there was nothing that each of them wouldn’t do to get the other one off! Sometimes all it took was Francine daring to wear a little skirt out in public without any panties on, but sometimes Francine’s boyfriend would dare her to do something a little more risky. Like last week when they were at a friends party and Francine ducked in to the bathroom and her boyfriend followed her.

As Francine started to laugh she went to go and take a piss and her boyfriend started to beg her instead to do it in the bathtub. He wanted to see her pissing, every single drop as it landed in the bathtub. Francine just couldn’t help herself, she could see his cock was already raging hard and she wanted to watch him explode as he watched her. So she slipped out of her panties and carefully she squatted over the bathtub. As she started to pee she watched her boyfriend take out his cock and start stroking it, he was going absolutely insane watching her!

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Aug '10

Lisa Pisses Her Pants In Public!

Lisa is a cute brunette babe who loves spending time with her friends just about anywhere at anytime. Every weekend she likes to meet up with her girlfriends out at the stadium and they hang around outside looking for guys to take home with them for a little more fun! Well last weekend Lisa was already on that side of town and even though she was thirty minutes early she figured she’d drop by the stadium and wait for her friends instead of going back home and then back out. When she got there there was nothing going on, there were no people around and the stadium hadn’t even opened yet so she leaned against the wall and waited.

As Lisa waited she started to desperately need to piss but since the stadium wasn’t open yet there was no where for her to take a pee. The longer she tried to wait the more desperate she got for a piss and soon she just couldn’t hold it anymore! As she stood there the piss started to trickle down her legs, her thighs got warm and wet and soon there was a soaking wet patch on the ground between her legs.

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Aug '10

Louise Takes A Piss Outdoors

Louise has never really been what you would call an outgoing woman, she prefers not to be the center of attention and she’s never found at parties or hanging out with the cool crowd at college. When Louise met her boyfriend though she began to change. Little by little Louise began to take risks and do things she never would have thought of doing before. Soon she found herself going to parties with him and even making out with him in public! She knew she was changing but to be honest she sort of liked the feeling of being so naughty while she was doing all of these new things!

One day a few weeks ago Louise was out with her boyfriend and they were taking a walk through the woods behind Louise’s house. As they walked she realized that she needed to pee. She told her boyfriend that they’d have to turn back because she desperately had to piss, but to her surprise he started to beg her to piss right there in front of him. She had never met anyone with a pissing fetish before but she could already see his cock growing at the very thought of her peeing in front of him so she dropped her panties and started to piss!

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Aug '10

Tara Takes A Piss Outdoors

Tara and her girlfriends had decided to throw the party of the year in their small city apartment. They hadn’t really been too smart when they put the guest list together because they’d wound up inviting so many people to their tiny apartment that not everyone would all fit in at once. They didn’t really care though, they were sure that it was going to be a hell of an afternoon and they knew that the party was going to go through to the next morning and maybe even last all weekend. The girls had made sure that there were plenty of beers and lots of food to go around but what they weren’t able to control was the amount of bathrooms in their tiny one bed, one bath apartment!

After a couple of hours the apartment was packed full and Tara needed to piss badly. She had waited for fifteen minutes to get in to the bathroom but it got to the point where she just couldn’t wait anymore. Walking out behind their apartment and in to the street Tara squatted next to the back steps and pulled down her panties to pee. She had to admit that she felt pretty naughty as she pissed on the sidewalk, making a little puddle underneath her!

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Aug '10

Whitney Pisses Her Jogging Pants!

Whitney had been getting up unusually early lately, she had no idea why but she just couldn’t sleep in so she’d started going for walks. She didn’t live too far from a huge lake so it was a great place to go and walk early in the morning. Whitney liked how quiet it was and how friendly all of the early morning runners were as they passed her by. The problem was, however, that last week as Whitney walked around the lake  and all the runners passed her by waving their hellos, Whitney realized she needed to piss. It wasn’t the sort of pee that you can hold either, it was the sort of piss that one more step would make her piss her pants.

Whitney had no choice, she tried to walk faster towards the bathrooms on the other side of the lake. She only made it two more steps before she had to go to sit down on a wall. But as she got to the wall it was just too late, the warm piss started to seep out of her slit. A warm wet puddle formed in her panties as she let it go and soon she was standing next to that wall with a growing wet patch on her jogging pants. As the wet patch got bigger her panties stuck to her slit.

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