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Dec '10

Mandy Gets Caught Taking A Piss

Mandy was out camping with her boyfriend and some of his friends. Her boyfriend had been resistant to bringing her because she had never really been an outdoorsy type of person but after she promised to suck his dick in the tent he just couldn’t say no. When they got out to the woods though Mandy was beginning to wish that she hadn’t agreed to go because she didn’t realize that there were no bathrooms and no shower out at the camp site and that she’s have to take a piss in the bushes!

Mandy was already pretty desperate to take a piss as soon as the tent was up and she asked her boyfriend if he would take her out to the gas station down the road but when he refused she decided to embarrass him and she pulled down her panties in front of everyone and started to pee right there near the tent! Mandy had no idea that it would turn him on so much though and as she pissed she could see his fat cock getting harder by the second as he watched her!

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Dec '10

Tiana Takes A Piss Out Back!

Tiana was supposed to be working the front of the bar but it had been such a slow day with the exception of the workmen that showed up around lunch time and turned off the water. The whole thing put a damper on the lunch crowd and Tiana was starting to get pretty upset with the whole thing to be honest because by two o’clock the water wasn’t back on and Tiana was pretty desperate to take a piss. When she went over to ask the workmen when the water would be back on they gave her no sort of answer so she decided to take matters in to her own hands.

When there was no one else left in the bar Tiana decided to walk out to the back and take a piss right there. She didn’t care who was looking at that point because she was so desperate, so she just whipped down her panties and started peeing right there in the alleyway! She knew that if someone caught her that she would be in trouble but she couldn’t think about anything but the pleasure of taking a piss!

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Dec '10

Leean Pisses Her Dress Pants

Leean had been out shopping for hours and she was so tired of walking but she knew that she still had another twenty minutes of walking to do to get back home with all of her shopping. She had planned on taking the bus but when she got to the bus stop a guy there told her that the bus was running an hour late because it broke down so she decided that she’d take the twenty minute walk home instead. What she hadn’t planned on was having to piss so bad when she was half way home!

At first Leean tried to keep on walking, she tried to ignore the fact that she had to piss but soon she couldn’t ignore it anymore and she was so desperate that she couldn’t even take one more step. Leean decided that if she took off her panties and sat over a railing then she could piss without being noticed but then she realized she had on pants and that everyone would see her ass so instead she just started to piss. That wrm pee soaked right through her pants!

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Dec '10

Melissa Takes A Pissing Dare

Melissa had just moved in to her new condo and she had been looking forward to inviting her friends over to take a look around for over a week when she finally did it. Everyone was having a great time and getting drunker by the second and eventually the inevitable happened – everyone started to play truth or dare. Melissa knew how out of hand parties usually got once everyone started to play but she wasn’t about to miss out on the fun at her own party so she got right in the middle of the action and when it was her turn she decided to take a dare.

Melissa knew that her friends were going to come up with something pretty crazy but she was ready for it…or so she thought! When her friend Eric told her that her dare was to run out to the parking lot next door to the party completely nude and take a piss, Melissa was sure that he was kidding around. When she realized that he wasn’t; however, she decided that she had to do it so she did! She couldn’t believe how naughty it felt while she was pissing but it also felt pretty kinky knowing that people were watching her do it!

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Dec '10

Jill Takes A Piss Outdoors

When Jill showed up for her “date” she looked gorgeous in that cute little sundress. She had to admit that she was pretty nervous because she’d never even been on a blind date before let alone met up with someone from one of those adult dating sites! She couldn’t resist the opportunity to meet someone who had the same turn on’s as her though and she was sure that once he showed up things would calm down and she’d get a lot more comfortable.

Jill was right, when her date showed up he had a big grin on his face and it was clear that he just couldn’t wait to get to know her and watch her taking part in all of those kinky things that they had talked about on the phone! Jill wasted no time, as soon as she saw him headed towards her she squatted down on some old iron steps and lifted up her skirt. Her date could see that she had no panties on underneath her dress and it wasn’t more than a few minutes before she started to piss! He could already feel his dick getting hard at the sight of her pissing in public!

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Dec '10

Sissy Pisses Her Panties Outside The Stadium

Sissy was waiting for her date outside the stadium. She had never really been in to sports but she met a guy through a friend of a friend and he was really cute so when he invited her to a game with him she couldn’t say no. Sissy had no idea what she was supposed to wear to a game but she figured she’d dress up in something nice in hopes of impressing her newest crush so she put on her slutty short skirt and went down to the stadium. When she got there she was fifteen minutes early but she didn’t want to go anywhere inside in case she missed her date and he thought she hadn’t showed so she just kept on waiting.

The longer she stood there the more desperate she got to piss but soon she couldn’t hold it anymore and it was far too late to make a break for the bathroom so slowly that piss started to trickle right out of her slit. Her panties were soaked soon enough and as it trickled down her legs she was so embarrassed, she tried to spread her legs just enough so that her date wouldn’t notice that she had pissed herself but there was no way he’d miss that puddle of pee!

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Dec '10

Rose Takes A Piss Outdoors!

Rose had agreed to go on a cabin vacation with some friends of hers, she had never really been an outdoorsy type of babe but she had nothing better to do and thought it could be fun playing out in the woods for a weekend. When Rose got there she found that she really didn’t hate it as much as she thought she would, she rather liked the cool mountain air and she liked the feeling of being out in the middle of nature with no one to tell her what to do and when to do it. In fact, Rose loved it so much that she started to explore.

It was early morning and none of the other girls were awake yet but Rose decided she would go and walk around to check out the scenery while they all slept. As she walked through the woods she didn’t find all that much to look at but when she started needing a piss she decided that she was going to be naughty and strip off and piss outdoors. The thought of stripping naked outside made her pussy wet and when she started to piss as she crouched down she could feel her slit throbbing, just aching for cock, hoping that someone would catch her!

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