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Jun '10

Amber Pissing At The Ruins

Amber had been working as a tour guide at the local ruins in Mexico for a few years now and she really loved her job. She got to dress in cute clothes and walk around in the warming sun all day long. She also got to meet some really cute guys every day that she ran a tour as well! The only thing that Amber didn’t like about her job was that she didn’t have enough bathroom stops on the way and often times she had to excuse herself and run off to find a bathroom leaving her tour group alone and her boss really didn’t like it when she did that. Amber knew that she had to go when she had to go though and did it anyway!

One day a few weeks ago Amber was desperate to piss and knowing she wouldn’t make it far she excused herself and ducked behind one of the ruins to take a piss. When she got back there she squatted down and whipped down her panties and started pissing. Just as she was peeing though she looked up and noticed one of the tourists from her group was standing there pissing as well! He looked right at her and flashed a smile.

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Jun '10

Jenny Takes A Piss

Jenny hadn’t been on a date in a while but when her girlfriend fixed her up on a blind date she couldn’t say no. She refused to be someone she wasn’t so she showed up in her leather biking gear and waited for her blind date. It was almost time for the movie to start and the guy was no where to be found. She looked around everywhere for him but didn’t want to go inside in case she missed him. It was getting late but the later it got the more desperate she got to take a pee. Finally she ducked around the back of the movie theater for a quick piss.

As she pulled down her pants and leaned up against the column out at the back of the theater the piss started flowing. As soon as that golden arch began though someone pulled up on a bike and started whistling at her. She couldn’t stop the flow and all she could think to do was flash a smile. The guy pulled up on his bike and asked if she was Jenny. Jenny laughed and said yes, knowing it was her blind date but she just couldn’t stop pissing. As the guy stepped off his bike in his leathers though she could see how hard his dick was!

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Jun '10

Jenna Pissing In Public

Jenna was headed down to the pier to hang out with some of her friends. She always loved spending her weekends out at the pier with her friends even when they weren’t doing anything but hanging out she loved it. Standing out there she and her girlfriends would shout out to passing men, telling them that they were hot or they were up for a good night out. On the way to the pier this weekend though Jenna had quite a big accident. She almost got down to the pier when disaster struck and it struck quickly.

As she took a step piss started to trickle out of her slit. Her panties started getting wet and stuck to her as she took a few more steps. The piss started to flow harder, she just couldn’t stop after she’d started and as she tried to walk she felt it dripping down her legs. Soon enough a tiny wet patch developed on her skirt and her panties stuck to her slit and for just a second she started to get horny as she felt the wet cotton against her skin. Then she realized that she was wet, her panties were soaked and her skirt was wet too!

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Jun '10

Sarah Takes A Piss Outside!

Sarah has always been an outdoorsy type of babe and when she was invited by some friends to go out and do a little community service project she couldn’t wait to get out and about. Sarah and her friends showed up to put together the care packages pretty early in the morning but by noon she was already tired and ready for a break so grabbing her lunch she snuck up to the woods with her friends for a quick lunch break. They ate pretty quickly so that they could sit around and talk a while before getting back to work.

As they sat talking though Sarah was getting more and more desperate to take a piss and finally she excused herself to go and take a piss. As she crouched down in the bushes though one of the guys followed her and asked her to take off her shirt while she was pissing so he could see her tits. Sarah looked up with a look on her face wondering what the hell he was talking about but then she saw him standing there with his fat cock in his hand, stroking it as he stared at her crotch waiting for the piss to start!

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Jun '10

Cassie Takes A Piss

Cassie and her boyfriend were touring around town, they had only recently begun their vacation but they were eager to start exploring some of the local landmarks and tourist areas. As soon as they threw their luggage in to their room they were off exploring the landscape seeing what they could see. As they walked across the bridge come afternoon they were both feeling pretty tired and worn out but most of all Cassie needed to take a piss.

They looked all around to find a public bathroom but they didn’t even speak the language so they couldn’t begin to find their way. Eventually Cassie just couldn’t hold it anymore and after just a few minutes she decided to squat down where she stood and pull down her panties to take a piss. Her boyfriend couldn’t believe it as he stood there watching her, the golden trickle of piss flowing from her pussy. He didn’t want to watch her but as he did he felt his cock start to get hard. He wanted nothing more than to slide his dick inside her glistening wet pussy, even as she was pissing he wanted to slide his cock inside her and feel that soft wet slit!

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Jun '10

Sonya Pissing Her Pants

Sonya was always drinking water wherever she went, it didn’t matter if she was just running to the corner store she always had a bottle of water in her hand and she was always in need of a piss. Usually she had no problem with getting to a bathroom to piss because she always planned out accordingly, drinking less water when she knew that she wouldn’t be able to run to the bathroom at certain times. Well last week Sonya had a small accident. Driving down to town to pick up a few things for a party she planned to go to a few days later her car had broken down.

Sonya had AAA and was waiting for them to come and tow her car but the longer she waited the more desperate she became for the bathroom. No matter how hard she tried to hold it the need became worse until it was so bad that all she could do was stand there as the small trickle of piss started down her leg. At first she couldn’t even believe it but then she didn’t really care anymore and spreading her legs she just gave in and let the fountain of piss flow!

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Jun '10

Poppy Takes a Piss

Poppy has always been a party girl, whenever she hears of a party going on around town she just can’t help herself but to show up. When Poppy shows up at the party though she never has to wait in line because with a body like hers she can get in just about anywhere! Last week she headed in to an all night rave with some of her friends. After a few hours though her friends decided that they couldn’t hang all night and so they headed back home but Poppy wanted to stay longer so she decided to stick around and make some new friends while she was there!

Poppy partied so hard all night that by the time she looked at her watch it was nine o’clock in the morning and she was long overdue for a nap! Heading out of the club she started to walk back home. She had had so much to drink the night before though that she was desperate to take a piss. Ducking in to an alley she slipped down her panties and squatted down. As she squatted there in full view of anyone walking by she started to let the pee trickle from her shaved slit!

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Jun '10

Uma Caught Pissing

Uma had never really been athletic but when she saw her cute neighbor had taken up running she decided that it was time for her to start running as well. She took to it rather well after she bought herself a new pair of running shoes and a cute little outfit. She thought she had better train for a little while before she let her neighbor know that she was “in to” running too. She started going out around lunch time for a little run here and there, it wasn’t too hot out at the trail behind her place because it was shaded so she just did half miles then miles and once in a while she’d try a two mile run.

Yesterday Uma took on a two mile run but it was when she was halfway through the run she realized that she desperately had to piss. Looking around she saw that no one was around and so spreading her leg and stepping off the sidewalk she started to take a piss. Just as the piss started flowing her neighbor came running around the corner and she just couldn’t stop herself. His mouth fell open as he watched her and it was then that she noticed his dick growing!

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Jun '10

Ilene Pissing Her Pants

Ilene was waiting for her boyfriend to come and pick her up and she had been waiting for over an hour. Her boyfriend was never on time but this time she really hoped he was because she was desperate to take a piss. She’d taken one before she left work and started her walk in to town but by the time she got there she needed another one and there wasn’t a bathroom in sight. Sure she could hold it she just sat on the railing and waited but she hadn’t expected him to be a whole hour late and she was absolutely bursting for a piss at that point!

Tried as she might to hold it she just couldn’t hold it anymore and finally she just let go. Piss started to trickle down her leg and soak through her panties and her jeans. Her thick denim jeans were absolutely soaking with piss and they were stuck to her thighs. She looked around to make sure no one could see and she let it all go. A heavy stream of pee soaked out of the crotch of her jeans and formed a big puddle on the floor underneath her. She couldn’t believe she’d just pissed her pants in public!

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Jun '10

Jogger Caught Pissing

Laurie had never been a morning person and when her best friend convinced her to get up early and go jogging with her Laurie knew that it was a mistake. From the minute she fell out of bed still sleepy eyed she slipped in to her jogging skirt, tanktop and headband…what she didn’t slip in to were her running shoes. Forgetting where she was going she slipped in to her slip on shoes and headed down to meet her best friend at the park. When she got there Laurie’s best friend told her that there was no way that she was going to be able to keep up if she wore her slip ons and since she didn’t have any sneakers she was going to leave her and go to run alone.

Laurie decided that she’d sit on a bench and just enjoy the morning while she waited for her girlfriend to come back. As she sat down though she realized that she had forgotten to take a piss before she left that morning. As she sat on the bench she started to worry because she knew that she wasn’t going to make it back home and eventually she knew she had no other choice. Sliding off the bench she squatted down and started to piss!

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