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Sep '10

Olivia Takes a Piss

Olivia is a cute blonde teen who always loves to do things that she knows she shouldn’t. Olivia really gets off on breaking the rules, especially when breaking the rules involves flashing her delicious pussy any and every chance she gets! Nothing gets Olivia hotter or wetter than knowing that she might get caught at any minute as she flashes her juicy wet pussy for passersby…nothing that is unless she is desperate for a pee as well!

Olivia has always been turned on by the idea of pissing outdoors and when she realized that wearing short skirts meant that she could just step out of her cute cotton panties and squat down to take a piss right there, well she just couldn’t stop herself. Soon all Olivia could think about was flashing her dripping wet pussy and squatting down where someone might catch her so that she could take a piss. As that golden liquid flowed from her tight hole she would feel her hole getting wetter than ever! She would squat right where she stood and listen as that golden piss splashed to the ground.

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Sep '10

Janie Takes A Piss

Janie has always been a pretty shy type of girl and when she applied for a modeling job with a local agency she was so nervous just showing off in front of the camera. Janie had no idea what type of thing she would end up doing in front of the camera though but once she got in to the routine she actually started to enjoy herself and couldn’t wait to show off more of her delicious body as that camera flash kept flashing. Last week though Janie went out to the park for a shoot with her new job and wound up doing a lot more than just posing!

As she neared the middle of a shoot she told her new boss that she had to go and take a piss but rather than excuse her Janie’s boss told her to just start pissing right there. Janie couldn’t believe what he had told her but she just couldn’t hold it any more and lifting up her skirt she crouched down and started to piss. That warm pee trickled out of her slit and started to pool on the ground between her legs and as she did her new boss snapped picture after picture!

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Sep '10

Sandy Pisses Her Pants

Sandy was on her way back from a long and unproductive day of shopping. She had gone out to try to find a new dress to wear to her ex-boyfriends wedding. She had wanted to find something special, something that was sure to make him jealous but so far she had found nothing. She’d been out for six hours and found nothing and now she was due back at work and had to get home to change first. Sandy started back home, the walk wasn’t that far but she realized half way there that she was desperate for a pee.

Each step she took she felt the urge to piss throbbing in her bladder and she finally took that last step and as she did she knew that she just couldn’t take anymore and that piss started to trickle down her thighs. The crotch of her pants started to stain with piss and she just couldn’t walk any further so she crouched down and let that pee trickle down to the floor. As that piss started to pool on the ground Sandy had no idea what she was going do.

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Sep '10

January Takes A Piss

January had recently met up with a guy that she’d secretly been stalking for a while. She would time her morning coffee run every morning to make sure that she ran in to him at the coffee shop and finally one morning he started to talk to her and they got to chatting. As it turned out the guy was a pretty outdoorsy type of guy and he loved to hike, lying, January told him that she liked to hike too and he invited her to join him on Saturday for a hike on one of the local walking trails.

January was so excited that she ended up getting there a good thirty minutes early and as she waited for him she realized that she really needed a piss. Not wanting to miss out on seeing her new friend she decided to duck behind one of the maintenance buildings to take a quick piss while no one was looking. As she squatted down and the piss started coming; however, she heard someone approaching and looking up she saw her new friend standing there watching her take a pee. Just as January was about to excuse herself she watched as he whipped out his dick and started to stroke it!

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Sep '10

Rosa Pisses At The Park

Rosa has always been the friendly type of girl, she’ll smile at anyone and she’ll give anything a try at least once…although it usually takes twice for her to decide if she really likes it or not. Well last week when Rosa was hanging out at the park waiting for one of her girlfriends to show up so that they could go shopping together she spotted a strange looking guy hiding behind a tree and pointing a camera at her. Rosa laughed and shouted to him that she could see him and didn’t mind if he took her picture but she wanted to know what it was for. The guy came closer and told her he just thought she was cute and wanted to take her picture.

As he snapped away taking her photos though the real reason for his love of pictures came out, he was something of a pervert and he even suggested to Rosa that she take a piss for him so he could film it. Rosa wasn’t sure about the idea but she couldn’t say no to something that sounded so kinky so after looking around to make sure that no one was watching she crouched down and started to pee!

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Sep '10

Leah Has An Accident

Leah had ditched her Friday classes to walk in to town and meet one of her girlfriends for coffee. She wasn’t doing too well in her statistics class anyway so she thought it’d be a lot more fun to go in to town and meet her friend for coffee and maybe a little shopping as well. As she started walking in to town she knew it was going to be a long walk. She had underestimated how long it would take her to get there but she knew that whatever she was doing was sure to be better than going to class!

As she walked further in to town she started to need to piss. She knew that there was a bathroom in one of her favorite stores on the way to the coffee shop so she was trying to hold it until then. As she walked each step shook her whole body and she started to realize that she wasn’t going to make it. With one final step the piss started to trickle down her leg. Her denim skirt hugged her tightly as the pee trickled slowly down her thighs, past her knees and on to the ground with a splash!

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Sep '10

Jordan Pisses In The Woods

Jordan had never really been an outdoorsy kind of chick but when her new boyfriend said that he had to go and help his uncle on their farm over the long weekend she volunteered to go along and help. It wasn’t really that she wanted to go to help but more that she wanted to go so that she could be with her new guy because she was certain that they were going to end up fucking soon and she just couldn’t wait to feel his fat cock deep inside her tight wet pussy! So she packed up her backpack and met her boyfriend at his apartment for the ride up to the farm.

On the drive out to the farm there were no stops, the roads were all pretty rural and after a couple of hours Jordan was so desperate to piss she had her boyfriend pull over at what looked like a couple of outhouses. As it turned out they were grow houses for one of the local farmers but at that point Jordan didn’t care and running out to one she pulled down her panties to take a piss. Little did she know that her boyfriend was watching every drop come out of her tight hole!

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Sep '10

Wendy Takes A Piss In The Park

Wendy was supposed to be on her way to her best friends recital in the town hall. She had begun her trip late and was certain that she was going to miss everything so she took a short cut through the woods next to her house to try and save herself some time. As she walked through the woods she started to feel a familiar sensation though and then she realized that she hadn’t taken a piss before she left. She could still turn around and run back home but instead Wendy decided that she was going to take a piss right there.

Walking a little further Wendy came to a clearing with a big concrete curb that dropped down in to a stream and for a second she couldn’t help but think about how hot it would be if she could squat down right there. Then she realized that there was no one watching so she squatted down and pulled up her skirt and then she pressed against her pussy to aim her piss and she pushed as hard as she could to start that flow of golden pee. The harder she pushed the higher that arch went and she just couldn’t help herself from getting soaking wet at the thought of pissing out in the open!

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Sep '10

Yvonne Pisses Her Shorts

Yvonne headed down to the lake in her tight short green shorts and her cute green top. Her girlfriend had told her that she would set her up on a blind date and if she showed up over at the side of the lake by their favorite bench then she would make sure that she wasn’t disappointed. Yvonne had been running late though and instead of getting ready before she left she grabbed her makeup and did it on the way down to the lake. By the time she got there she was still running late though and realized that she had forgotten to take a piss before she left. By the time Yvonne realized that she hadn’t [peed|pissed]] it was too late.

Every single step she took shook her bladder and soon all she could think about was finding somewhere to take a piss. Realizing that there was no where nearby Yvonne couldn’t do a thing to stop herself and before she knew what to do she had started to piss in her shorts. A small wet spot started to grow bigger and wetter on her shorts and eventually her tight green shorts were absolutely covered in piss and clinging to her pussy!

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Sep '10

Shannon Takes A Piss

Shannon was staying over at her girlfriends place while her apartment was being fumigated. She really loved her girlfriends house but she had to admit that she loved her girlfriends brother a whole lot more! He was just a couple of years older than her and she would always do everything she could to catch a peek at him in the shower. They were a pretty easy going family and he never locked the door when he went to take a shower in case someone needed to take a piss while he was in there.

Well one day last week while he was showering Shannon had to take a piss so badly she couldn’t wait. She opened the door and let Grant know that she was coming in and he told her it was fine. As she sat there on the toilet though she could see Grant’s silhouette on the shower curtain. As she started to piss she could see his hand stroking his cock and without thinking she told him that he could look if he wanted. As he stuck his head around the shower curtain he watched as Shannon started to pee harder and she could see his cock getting even harder!

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