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May '10

Shannon Pissing in the Park

Hot Pissing

Shannon is a fiery redhead babe who has always been one to break the rules. Shannon loves to show off her tight toned body and usually she can be found walking around with her tiny sports bra on and a short skirt that shows off her naked thighs and her long legs. Last week when Shannon wanted to get out of the house she told her boyfriend to grab the camera and follow her to the part so they could take some fun pictures. Her boyfriend had no idea that she was about to do something really naughty!

Shannon started posing for the camera, doing her cutesy camera kissing poses and her boyfriend kept snapping pictures with every move she made. It wasn’t until Shannon lifted up her skirt that her boyfriend realized things were about to get really naughty. Shannon showed her pussy and he realized that she wasn’t wearing any panties and then she did something that completely took him off guard. She spread her twat lips and lifting her skirt higher she started to piss! The golden arch of piss started to splash on the ground and a puddle quickly started to form. Her boyfriend just couldn’t believe what he was seeing but at the same time he was turned on by watching her piss!

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