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Sep '09

Redhead Has Pee Accident In Public

Wet In Public

Check out these video clips of a redhead teen that pees herself in public. She locked herself out of her apartment yesterday, it wouldn’t have been a problem because her roommate was going to be home soon, but she really had to go to the bathroom. She decides that she’s going to sneak into a nearby alley, but finds people everywhere. She ends up standing next to a building, hoping that no one sees what she’s doing. Standing up, she pees, leaving her skirt wet and the wall behind her covered with pee.

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Teen Pees In Her Tub

Peeing Mania

She’s barely legal, but already getting very naughty. Check out these video clips of an 18 year old peeing in her bathtub. There’s nothing really taboo about that, but she does it while the video camera is watching. It makes for an incredibly erotic video, especially since she’s so sweet and innocent looking. Just based on her looks alone, I would guess that she would never do anything like this. I love watching as the pee flows out of her tender pussy and drips down to the tub below.

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